Short- and long-term rental of electrical components

For certain types of work, you may only need a specific piece of equipment for a temporary period. At Distributeck, we rent premium brand electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, transformers, electrical panels, outlets and much more on a short- or long-term basis.

Whether for construction or renovation purposes, for an outside event such as a festival, a road or construction site, or for a section inside your plant, we will come up with a solution that best meets your needs.

Keeping up with changes without forcing you to invest more money

By renting electrical equipment on a short- or long-term basis, you will:

  • efficiently address a sudden increase in your activities;
  • have the required equipment ― right away;
  • avoid having to manage maintenance and repair work;
  • cut down on your investments;
  • work with equipment that is adapted to your changing needs.

Feel free to call upon our team of experts to find out more.

Safe and reliable equipment

Primarily comprised of electrical experts, our team of technicians understands just what your projects involve. Let them find the perfect rental equipment for your needs and deliver it to you when and where you need it.

Our rental products are ready to use when you need them and as soon as you need them since we ensure their quality and safety at all times. Looking for equipment for your work site or plant? Start by taking a look at our exhaustive list of products.

When renting electrical equipment, you can count on Distributeck no matter where you are in Canada.