We purchase and recondition your used electrical equipment

After having put your plant or your warehouse in order, you may realize that some electrical components, though in working order, are no longer useful. Instead of bringing this quality equipment to a landfill, why not change it into cash?

Helping you ― and the environment

Recycling is now part of our everyday lives, and Distributeck is proud of doing its share for the environment by giving a second life to used electrical equipment. We help you dispose of the equipment you no longer need and you receive a sum of money in exchange. Sound like a fair deal?

A tried-and-true reconditioning service

Thanks to our many years as a supplier of electrical equipment, we work with a great number of contractors and master electricians from all regions to collect used components or inventory surplus.

Our highly experienced team has what it takes to locate the product you need. Looking for a rare or obsolete product, one that is hard to find on the market? We may very well find it for you ― and at a competitive price, too. This way, you’ll simply need to replace the defective part and keep your current, still functional, panel.

We first start by inspecting all parts we collect. We then test them to make sure they work well and clean them using a special process. The end result: a reconditioned product that respects our strict quality standards.

Contact our team of experts to find out more about our purchasing and reconditioning service for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in Canada.